Spraygo - Perfume Samples  Where the Journey Begins It has been said many times that the olfactory sense is more memory evoking than any other of the five senses. Have you ever had a moment when your sense of smell had magically taken you to a faraway land or reignited a long lost memory of a time past? A spring walk in a dewy meadow, the smell of rain on warm tarmac or a loved one’s perfume on a woollen sweater. Our lives are forever filled with these magic olfactory moments and we want to help you create them time to time by sampling new fragrances. You see every perfume tells its own story and unfolds on the skin like the turning of pages in a book. The magic is of course found when a simple whiff of perfume tells you the whole story in but a split second. It’s at that moment you realise that perfume is far deeper than you could have imagined, because what it leaves is a memory to last a lifetime. A Home for Fragrance Sampling Driven by our passion for perfume and the pursuit to experience every facet of perfumery, we established ourselves in the latter part of 2012 to overcome the many issues faced by those seeking to experience new perfumes. Since then we have come a long way, and the growth of our reputation as a business that strives for excellence has seen us become the UK’s leading supplier of perfume samples, travel sprays and bespoke perfume services. We’re now proud to say we’ve helped many thousands of happy people find their perfect fragrance. Our business premises are located in Cornwall, England where we have a dedicated sampling team ready to help you start your fragrance journey. Our Mission We understand how difficult it can be to sample the fragrances you’re searching for. Long gone are the days of walking out of department stores with bags of complimentary samples. In addition to this many brands may not provide samples or travel sizes of the fragrances you’re looking for. It may also not be feasible for the avid fragrance collector to own a full bottle of fragrance if they already have a large collection as they would not likely use all of it, so a smaller amount of each can sometimes be preferable. With all of this in mind our mission statement is clear. “We want you to be able to experience the finest of perfumery and be more informed about purchasing full bottles when you have decided that you’ve found the right fragrance for you.” What is Decanting? The process of transferring liquid from one vessel to another is known as decanting and it’s what we do to create the vast majority of our fragrance sizes. Using lab grade pipettes we transfer the fragrances into the various sizes we provide then professionally label each one. We use spray top bottles for all of our sizes as this is by far the best way to apply fragrance to the skin. The size we supply is 5ml bottles which can be refilled. ​ Our Promise We’ve several commitments we’d like to mention. We believe in doing our very best in all areas so one promise simply wouldn’t suffice. We promise you the following: • 100% Genuine Fragrances, pure and unadulterated • An unmatched experience in all things perfume • Outstanding customer service with a personal twist Product Disclaimer Spray Go are by no means affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by the fragrance houses whose products we sell. Under no circumstances will we ever duplicate or replicate any brand logo or trademark when re-packaging or selling our fragrances. This is to make it clear that only the fragrance itself is that of the original manufacturer with the outer packaging being that which we provide. When purchasing fragrances from Spray Go you will always receive genuine fragrance that has been professionally decanted and suitably re-packaged unless otherwise stated. If any fragrances sold on the Scent Samples website are being sold in their original bottles, they will be advertised as such. ​ We want to provide you with the best products and services possible and will always strive to do so. Feedback is an important way for us to improve what we do so please let us know if we ever fail to meet your expectations.