Boadicea Nemer the Victorious


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Boadicea Nemer the Victorious Eau de Parfum for Unisex
Boadicea Nemer is a fragrance of passion and freedom. It is based on Tigerwood, which is obtained when wood corn is changed by striking the wood, which causes pattern like tiger stripes to appear.

Nemer is actually Arabic word for tiger, so the name is very appropriate for a scent based on this ingredient. Tigerwood is distilled and turned into liquid state.


The fragrance opens with floral notes of Turkish and Moroccan rose, jasmine absolute and saffron. Precious tigerwood is joined with Indonesian patchouli in the heart, while the base closes with aromas of sandalwood and patchouli.

The fragrance is a perfect blend of traditional essential oils which mix together to give a beautiful, creamy scent.

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